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vHeal is a SaaS EMRElectronic Medical Records and Medical Practice Management System.
This is a software designed for doctors, clinics, polyclinics and hospitals to manage their full clinical practice.

We have developed vHeal on a SaaS platform (which means Software as a Service).
In this method you pay a monthly price of INR 500/- per doctor account per month and INR 200/- per assistant account per month.
It's just about one-patient's-fee per month, isn't it? We feel this low cost will allow majority of doctors to shift to electronic medical record keeping, which improves patient care.

For larger practices/ nursing homes/ hospitals with 5 or more doctors, ask us for a special price. Referral discounts are also available. A 30 day free trial is also made available on request.

  1. Will I have to pay monthly? No, you have to pay annually, in advance.
  2. Are there any hidden costs? Yes, service tax is extra. Currently at 10.2% but varies as per govt law.
  3. Why can't I buy this software once and for all and not pay monthly subscription? 
    1. Outright purchase is like a car purchased by you. It is a big investment initially (few Lakhs) and later you have tospend more money to repair it, service it, pay road tax, PUC cost etc. Further, When a new model comes, the earlier car purchased outright has to be either discarded or sold second hand at throw away price to get the latest and better model.
    2. Our model is like this: You get a chauffeur driven car for yourself, 24 hrs a day, parked in your garage and you pay only a small fraction of cost per month. No headache of repair, servicing, taxes or even selling it when you want a new model. When a new model is launched, the new car will be there at your doorstep without any paperwork, or cost. Sounds attractive? This is what is SaaS for you.
      1. SaaS model is a more efficient model. Companies that give you an outright license charge heavier amounts,charge for support and every new feature has to be paid extra by you. Both in short term and long term, it is more expensive.
      2. When we centrally host your EMR, we give better and more prompt support in case of need. Support, upgrades and updates will be free for you.
  4. What is your benefit in giving us cheaper software? 
    1.  Our benefit is a long term customer, bigger customer base and a software that has been developed in consultation with its users over time. We believe that if you have dictated the development of your own EMR, you will always stick to it.
    2. We maintain this low cost with the help from advertisements. Even you can advertise so that other doctors can refer their cases to you.