vHeal Praktz

Intro by our MD

vHeal Praktz is a SaaS Electronic Medical Records and Medical Practice Management System.
This is a software designed for doctors, clinics, polyclinics and hospitals to manage their full clinical practice.

You can create your own account now and get instant access. It is Low Cost, has lots of features. We'll help you migrate from older records to vHeal, too. Also see FAQs

vHeal is Simplicity Personified

  1. vHeal is a browser based EMR, accessible from anywhere in the world, using any device like computers, iPads, mobiles etc.
  2. No installation needed in your computer or premises
  3. Create your own account in minutes, and start working
  4. No licensing issues. You pay as you use.
  5. vHeal is constantly evolving and all updates and upgrades are automatically available to you. you DO NOT have to do anything.
  6. vHeal is pre-configured for general use so except for specifics (your name, clinic address etc), you can start using it right away, as is.
  7. There is no upfront cost of installation. Training is free.
  8. It has a low subscription cost which makes it viable to start using it without costing you a bomb.
  9. And in the rare event, that you don't feel vHeal is suitable for your practice, just export your data and say goodbye, without losing much on money or data.
  10. vHeal is ad-supported. You can advertise, too; at low cost and high penetration.