vHeal is a SaaS EMRElectronic Medical Records and Medical Practice Management System.
This is a software designed for doctors, clinics, polyclinics and hospitals to manage their full clinical practice.

  1. Who should advertise on vHeal?
  2. Why should i advertise on vHeal?
  3. How to advertise?
  4. What is the cost?
  5. Where will my ads appear and how will they look like?
  6. How do i know how many people saw my ads?
  7. I don't know how to create an ad...
  8. Where can i get more help and seek clarifications?

  •  Who should advertise on vheal?

      * Doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, psychologists and counsellors
      * Chemists/ pharmacies, pharma companies
      * Health service providers e.g ambulance service
      * Hospitals and nursing homes
      * Medical equipment suppliers
      * Path and radiology labs
      * Health and Life insurance companies
      * Direct to patient services e.g ambulance, path lab test sample collection, nurse providers.
      * Anyone related to healthcare
      * Healthcare Publishers of books/ journals/ periodicals
  •   Why should i advertise on vHeal
      * vHeal is used by doctors, paramedics, chemists and most importantly, by patients. By running target advertisements, you will be able to spread the word about your product to that specific target group and improve your sales. Various campaigns run by us clearly indicates which campaign is suitable for which type of advertising

  •   How to advertise?
      * Visit 'Manage Advertisements' Page or site
      * Register (FREE) by clicking on Advertise or Log-in if already registered
      * Click on 'Create New Ad'
      * Have a look at various campaigns and decide which one is best for you. A Text Ad can be created immediately while for a banner Ad, you will need to create a banner and upload (help on this is given below).
      * Pay the cost (in US$ if using paypal or Indian Rupees if paying offline. You may change currency from top right corner)
      * Your Ad will be approved by us and will start running
  • What is the cost
      * We understand that you want value for money, so we charge you only for the number of times your ad was actually shown. This is called cost-per-impression or CPI.
      * Each campaign shows the 'credits' and 'cost'. See example below. This campaign costs 2$ and credits are 100; so your ad will be displayed 100 times for 2$. After that, you'd need to re-charge/ repay.
  •   Where will my ads appear and how will they look like?
      * Your advertisements will appear in various sections of the application and this will be shown in the description part of campaign to you.
      * We will be inserting some screenshots at the bottom to show how those ads will look like.

  •   How do i know how many people saw my ads?
      * When you will log-in, you will see detailed statistics of your advertisement campaign from this dashboard

  •   I don't know how to create an ad
      * Creating a Text Ad
         * Creating a Text Ad is very simple. You just have to type your text in the space given.
      * Creating a Banner Ad
         * You'd need to create a banner. If you know how to do it, great; if you don't, it can be done for free at this place
         * Help for using the above mentioned tool is given below. Make sure you select the right size for the banner. Once created, just download it from there and upload it somewhere on the internet e.g. flickr/ picasa etc. Then paste the exact URL of the picture (e.g. inside your banner Ad and preview it. Once we approve the ad and receive your payment, your ad will start showing.
FACING PROBLEMS? Sometimes your banner may not be of the right size and system may reject it. Just send us your banner at and we shall do the needful.

  •   Where can i get more help and seek clarifications
    1. For help, just email us by clicking here